Ecuador children are learning to brush their teeth while sitting in a row, with a UW woman student in front of them showing them how.

Graduate/Professional & Capstone Certificates in Global Health Online


The complex, existential problems challenging today’s world — emerging infectious diseases and pandemics, food insecurity and starvation, climate change impacts on health, antimicrobial resistance, fundamental inequities in access to nutrition and healthcare — transcend national boundaries and require expertise and perspectives from across the biomedical, social, and physical sciences to achieve creative solutions.  Thus, there is a need for global health knowledge and skills not only among traditional healthcare providers, but also for professionals throughout multiple disciplines. It is said that “global health takes all of us,” and the Graduate/Professional and Capstone Certificates in Global Health Online give traditional and non-traditional students the expertise to effectively work across cultures and disciplines to improve health for all.  The largely asynchronous, online format provides maximum flexibility for students to complete the certificate effectively within the context of primary degree, work and/or family responsibilities.