Field Experience Funding

Responsibility for funding the global health field experience lies with the student. Depending on the site and duration of the experience, costs could range from $1000 to $4000+, including program fees, travel, UW-Madison tuition and in-country living expenses. In some cases, students may be permitted to increase their student financial aid package to pay for the trip. While grant opportunities for educational opportunities of this nature and duration are limited, a number of opportunities for financing global health field experiences are listed on the GHI website. In particular, scholarships are available through International Academic Programs/Study Abroad office for students participating in Faculty-led field experiences managed through IAP.

There are a number of potential funding options for students in the health sciences who require financial assistance for their global health field experience. Some are offered through the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and many are available through various other organizations. The list provided below can serve as a starting point for pursuing some of these possibilities.