Devika Suri

Global Health Certificate Advisor


Nutritional Sciences, Rm 278


Areas of focus
Prevention and treatment of child malnutrition, food supplementation, protein quality, Vitamin A, nutrition and infection

Devika Suri is a Global Health Program Advisor and Researcher with Dr. Sherry Tanumihardjo’s vitamin A lab group at UW. Devika discovered her interested in global health while volunteering with an NGO in India after college. She went to study Food Policy and Applied Nutrition and Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Tufts University where she received her MS and MPH. Devika has since been involved in global nutrition research covering topics such as maternal and child health in developing countries, development and testing of supplementary foods for the prevention and treatment of child malnutrition, and addressing malnutrition through evidence-based policy and programs, innovative food products and biofortification of food crops with higher nutrient content. At home in Madison, Devika is also very interested in local school nutrition and leads the School Nutrition and Food Equity field course.