Students have their arms raised, making a W with their hands, looking out at mountains in the mist.

Global Health Education

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, global health students are passionate and intellectually diverse, coming from nearly every school and college. In classrooms and in the field, hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and professional students delve deeply into complex, root determinants of health and engage communities large and small. These are Badgers building bridges across sectors. They are future leaders who will discover and implement sustainable and equitable solutions for health.

The Global Health Institute, in collaboration with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the School of Medicine and Public Health, offers an Undergraduate Major, an Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health (similar to an academic minor), and Graduate/Professional and Capstone Certificates in Global Health Online. Field courses, independent studies, clerkships and other international rotations are also available for health professional students.

Undergraduate Programs

Both the Global Health Major and Certificate in Global Health prepare students to go into the world ready to build bridges across sectors and meet challenges with ingenuity, scientific rigor and the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea.

Major in Global Health

The Global Health major is a bioscience and public health program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at UW-Madison.

Graduate/Professional and Capstone Certificates in Global Health Online

The Graduate/Professional and Capstone Certificates in Global Health Online give traditional and non-traditional students new ways to work across cultures and disciplines to improve health for all.

A student in a white coat works on a map in her lap during a field course in Thailand.

Health Professional Students Education Opportunities

Medical students join future veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists and an array of other health professionals as they explore public health, step outside their comfort zone and see with new eyes in a multicultural world.